Journal of Nepalese Prosthodontic Society



Total maxillectomy is the complete resection of one of the two maxillae or resection to the midline.Surgical intervention creates communication between the oral cavity, nasal cavity and maxillary sinus.Postsurgical maxillary defects predispose the patient to hypernasal speech, leakage of food bolusand liquids into the nasal cavity, impaired mastication and various degrees of cosmetic deformities.Prosthodontic rehabilitation with obturator prosthesis restores the missing structures and acts as abarrier between the communications among the various cavities. Hollow bulb obturator with themaximum coverage of the defect aids in retention, stability, support with improved speech resonanceand reduced weight on the unsupported side.This clinical report presents the prosthetic management of a patient having total maxillectomy on leftside with definitive hollow bulb closed obturator and cast partial denture on the maxilla.

Key words: Defects; Definitive hollow bulb closed obturator; Prosthetic rehabilitation; Totalmaxillectomy.

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