Journal of Nepalese Prosthodontic Society



Ameloblastoma is a benign but aggressive neoplasm of odontogenic origin with a predilection of themandible. It can be of various types based on histopathological features. Follicular and plexiformameloblastoma are the most common types of ameloblastoma. There are various methods for managementof ameloblastoma amongst which dredging is considered a conservative surgical procedure which involvesenucleation or deflation and enucleation and repeated removal of scar tissues to accelerate newbone formation. Placement of implant at the site of newly regenerated bone after dredging is completedwith repeated examination of tumour mass histopathology. This report documents the placement ofimplant in newly formed mature bone after successful dredging of plexiform ameloblastoma

Key words: Ameloblastoma, Dredging, Implant

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