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Introduction: Publication trends of Prosthodontic literature in the PubMed-indexed journals inthe year 2016 was studied to assess the number of authors, country affiliation of principal author,international collaboration in authorship, type of studies, major field of study. The bibliometric studyhelps to determine the scientific growth and development.Aims and

Objectives: The aim of this study was to explore the prosthodontics literature in PubMedindexedjournals in the year 2016.Materials and methods: All the published articles excluding the book review, letter to editor, paneldiscussion etc were assessed and the data regarding the number of authors, affiliation of principalauthor, international collaboration in authorship, type of studies, number of references were enteredinto Microsoft Excel and analyzed for demographic findings.

Results: 645 articles satisfied the inclusion criteria. Principal authors from Asian countries contributedfor major bulk of the studies (51%). Major emphasis of study is attracted to dental materials, CADCAM,zirconia, cements (categorized under “other” in this study). The in-vitro studies were moreprevalent in the year 2016 (>35%). Though international collaboration has been found in many articles,single authorship has decreased (4.81%).

Conclusion: The collaboration amongst authors is increased but international collaboration is still lessand the newer topics of interest are being studied rather than conventional prosthetic sciences.

Key words: Prosthodontics journals, International collaboration, Principal authorship, PubMedindexedjournals

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