Journal of Nepalese Prosthodontic Society



Patients with resorbed mandibular ridge posses a challenge for prosthodontic rehabilitation. Theongoing diminution of denture foundation defies the basic mechanism of denture stability and support.The technique of neutral zone to construct a denture that is shaped by muscle function and is in harmonywith the surrounding oral structures can remarkably improve prognosis of such patients. The neutralzone is the area in the oral cavity where during function; the forces of the cheeks and lips pressinginward neutralize the forces of the tongue pressing outward. Thus physiologically optimal teetharrangement and harmonious denture contours and can be achieved to maximize prosthesis stability,comfort, and function for patients.

This clinical report describes rehabilitation of a patient with severely resorbed mandibular ridge usingneutral zone impression technique.

Key words: neutral zone, resorbed mandibular ridge, denture stability

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