Journal of Nepalese Prosthodontic Society



Introduction: Prosthodontics is a challenging discipline for dental students. This study aims to identifythe sources of stress amongst final year undergraduate dental students in prosthodontics at People’sDental College and Hospital, Nepal. Identifying these potential sources of stress may provide facultiesand administrators an opportunity to delineate areas of concern and approach student effectively.

Materials and methods: A modified version of the Dental Environment Stress (DES) questionnairewith 22 items was used to assess levels of stress.

Results: The major stressors included worry of not completing quotas with a mean score of 3.63followed by examinations, shortage of allocated clinical and laboratory time, fear of failing a courseor the year, overloaded feeling due to huge syllabus, late ending day, responsibility of getting suitablepatients, fear of being unable to catch up if behind and patients being late or not showing for theirappointments. Amongst these major stressors, the top two stressors were performance pressure related.

Conclusions: Although perceived stress in prosthodontics was relatively less than expected, certainareas were highly stressful for majority of the students. There is a need for adopting new strategies bythe university, institute, faculties and students themselves for stress management.

Key words: prosthodontics, dental student stress, Nepal

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