Journal of Nepalese Prosthodontic Society



Prosthodontic rehabilitation is indicated to restore function, esthetics and phonetics. The prostheticoptions for rehabilitation of partial edentulism include removable partial dentures (RPD), overdentures,and implant supported prosthesis. Any tooth replacement should be performed by a detailed evaluationof the existing dental situation and functional condition of the patient. Besides, the risks, benefits andcosts of the selected treatment modality should be discussed with the patient. Choice of prosthetictreatment modality is mainly determined by the patient’s needs and expectations, social and economicaspects, educational level, as well as the general health status, oral functional benefits, esthetics,prognosis of the remaining teeth and patient motivation to maintain oral hygiene.This clinical report describes rehabilitation of a partially edentulous patient with maxillary cast partialdenture (CPD) and mandibular tooth supported overdenture.

Key words: Cast Partial Dentures, Partial edentulism, removable partial dentures (RPD), over dentures

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