Journal of Nepalese Prosthodontic Society



Caring for the geriatric edent ulous patients is challenging, as it requires a holistic approach, whichaddresses both the physical as well as the psychological aspects of such patients. Considering the increasein number of elderly individuals, the clinician should have adequate patience and understanding ofpsychological and emotional factors to tactfully deal with their problems. The appraisal of psychologyand mental attitude for the overall success of complete denture rehabilitation is well recognized.Although important, these aspects are ignored occasionally, which is one of the major reasons for thefailure of adequately constructed complete dentures. This article provides a comprehensive reviewof relevant literature on the mental attitudes and personality of geriatric patients and highlights thenecessity of considering these factors for the overall success of complete denture treatment.

Key words: Mental attitude; Edentulism; Geriatric patient; Complete denture

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