Journal of Nepalese Prosthodontic Society



Occlusal appliance therapy is a proven modality for facilitating diagnosis and alleviating the painrelated to different types of temporomandibular dysfunctions and obnoxious parafunctional habits suchas bruxism and clenching. A properly fabricated occlusal appliance or splint serves the functions ofrelaxing the masticatory muscles, allowing the condyle to seat in centric relation, providing diagnosticinformation, protecting teeth and associated structures. The stabilization appliance has shown todecrease parafunctional activity thus considered when pain occurs due to muscle hyperactivity due tobruxism.This case report highlights on the management of masticatory pain secondary to bruxism withstabilization appliance as an adjunct to other pharmacological and physical therapy. A heat curedacrylic stabilization appliance was fabricated and delivered to the patient which significantly reducedthe pain within four weeks.

Key words: Bruxism; Occlusal Splint; Stabilization Appliance; Temporomandibular Dysfunction.

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